Thursday, April 14, 2011


  • tau ke dorg pgg sbb ape?zaty,abg quite bz skt.if i can reply as soon as possible i'll.....take care
  • oh..pasni wt pew?smbg dgree?oh really??tp A gtau zaty pnh ckp kt dy yg zaty x heran B pgg tgn A..sbb B pnh pgg tgn org len pon sblm nih
  • same like her....but now she look like mumia.....erm...i dont know....but that time i see them hold hand when want to cross the road.B hulurkn tgn then i see A cm xnk but then she hold B hand....but everything done right??
  • zati,i get a confusing here...are u still in relationship with B??
  • abg blk msia jup nie...juz last weekend i goes to mines..have u been here yet zati??? unexpected i meet someone.juz want to call them but i saw they very buzy on doing something.oh...if u in good sound was great!take care
  • sorry zaty if i make u sad.but juz wanna tell the truth.i see them.berdua je kot.cmni zati,stlh abg siasat.abg dpti B dh ckp yg dy syg A.syg sgt2.and didnt want her go.they want to be serious couple...or maybe now sis juz told me bout u??how bout u??
  • xpyh la nk pkse lo org xnk.npew xtgl lo tau dy dh syg org len?jgn ler kt nk tgl tp beria2 nk lg kt dy.wt malu jew....malukn dr sndiri???so silly
  • u should know that they become very2 closer right now.....never change
  • hye cik nk bt tempahan coklat boleyh??sy nk by this week.i nk ksi kt org. tulisan nye "Be happy ending HaNna" buwat sdap2 ye.psl byrn t i bank in..

tok tulisan merah: Wanie mmg nak lepaskan dia..and wanie da lepaskan dah kan..wanie da tak kacau idop dia lg..ktrg cntc pon ble ada urusan jerk...Wanie ke y salah?? lau sblum nie pmpuan tu pnh ckp kt Wanie mcm2..dy ckp dia akn lepaskan laki2 tu...dy nak bertunanglah...tak dapape..sayang sebagai adik...tak prnh lbih..mcm2 lagi dy ckp...n ada sekali dy ckp..Hatta berkawan pon tak ada pmpuan tu kotakan apa y di ckp?? spe y malukan diri sndri skunk nie???
tok tulisan hijau: dipost pd hari nie..mmg tahu je kan Wanie nak final skunk nie..nak kacau emosi wanie la nie kan.hurmmm...da bpe lma dia tak kacau idop wanie..npe arinie tbe2 nak kacau idop dia tahu aktvti wanie?? wanie tak jd kwan tok fb dia pon...hurmmmm??? wanie private kan semua tok kwn2 wanie je...stop lah..jgn nak mcm2 sgt...tolong bagi wanie bhgia dgn idop Wanie...

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