Thursday, June 30, 2011

if u can remember it..

hye dear..
if u can remember it..i think u'll understand what i feel for this time...hurmmm..and it just not only when u remember it...but when u notice with all of it too...sorry..i don't have any bad attention or too disturbing your relation..

"when u love someone,dont close ur eye n heart to see his/her fault."

i just thinking about it when one day, i looked back our pic..

"why we must know each other? why the ending is not as what we want? it can be as what we want but someone or people jealous with us."
let u think it..why when we are date,there must have one num that we dont know will dstbing me??she know that we're together, but she still keep going to text and on the phone with u..
the one thing, on the our last the morning i got the text from her sister...
her sister keep the blame on me...said that she run away from home and i should being responsible with it..her sister regret to giving back her phone to her..
i'm just trying all my best to protect our that time..i feel that..sorry,my fault..when that evening, we having our date..i talk about it and u quite..u introduce me to ur friend...hurmmm....k...when we are having triangle meeting(me,u n she)..she said to u..

"before this when i said i run away from house, u said that u're worried"

such a ____!!! WHEN I SAID k??? not when my sister??
i kompious babe!! why u cant realise that it just only a plan??? crazy!!!

that gurl said that, she will let u go and never to contact u back..but??
have she fulfill it?? "no need to being as a friend too"
damnnnn on it..she still contact u..invite u for having lunch and dinner...
heeii?? can u open ur eyes to thinking it???

then, have i doing any mistake with her?? is't need for she block me??
come on loh!!! or, u wish her to block me??
i'm always thinking..mistake?? mistake with her?? what?? owhhhh.... could she get my num??
pilss la...why me?? why not the other classmate??
u as her brother?? peliisss....bie ayg..mmy ddy...

tired loh!! u think it back...
there is many think that should u notice..
it only only her mistake..but..u too!!!!

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