Monday, June 20, 2011

Mei baca "Developing Country"!!

“Developing country” is a term generally used to describe a nation with a low level of material well-being. Since no single definition of the term developing country is recognized internationally, the levels of development may vary widely within so-called developing countries. Some developing countries have high average standards of living. Developing countries are classified as low-income, middle-income, newly-industrialized, and oil-exporting.

The World Bank is an international institution that assists countries with financing and financial advice. The goal of the World Bank is to help developing countries devise economic development plans to build their infrastructure and economy in order to reduce poverty and improve living conditions for their citizens.


  1. Low incomes

The lack of income and skills often affects the livelihood of the average citizen. There are generally areas where some people live comfortably. Large portions of the population, however, may lack water or electricity in their homes. Access to quality medical care may be limited.

2. Inadequate social services

Developing countries generally have inadequate social services programs, if they have them at all. It is common to find aid groups active in developing countries. Some of these are there to provide people with items, such as food, medicine, and education, which they would likely not have access to otherwise. Other aid groups work in developing nations to protect human rights, which are commonly violated

3. Poor health

Health is important and need to be care by the country. In developing country, the rate health of their citizens is at the lower level. This is because of lack of the professional staff. Other than that, money condition also influences the citizens for getting the medical treatment.

4. Limited education

Limited education is happen because of lack of teaching staff. The facilities also do not provide enough. This is because in the developing country, they are lack of professional people and causes to the limited education. The facilities also do not provide enough by having lack of fund and resources.

Example: Malaysia, Malawi

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